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About us

Fondo Nacional de las Artes is a self-governed organization that depends on the Ministry of Culture of Argentina.

It was created in 1958 with the goal of setting a financial system to support and encourage artistic, literary and cultural activities across the country. As such, its primary function is to fund, in a spirit of promotion, artistic activities developed on an individual and/or collective level, and also those carried out by non-profit organizations and cultural industries. Thus, Fondo Nacional de las Artes truly operates as a National Bank for the Arts.

Its activities include the patronage of events carried out by official organizations or private cultural entities. It also aims to aid the preservation of the artistic, artisanal and folkloric patrimony of the different regions in the country, and help strengthen, to this end, the process of detection and development of human potential and existing materials.

The planning for the activities of Fondo Nacional de las Artes focuses particularly on enhancing the offer of artistic assets and services originated in the different regions in the country, within the policies and priorities established by the Ministry of Culture.

In order to achieve this goal, in 2016 Fondo Nacional de las Artes decided to increase its federal programs so as to promote and value the symbolic thinking of local artists and the exchange between artists from different provinces in the country, thus contributing with the construction of a national ethos transcending the borders of the Federal Capital and the main urban centres (traditionally the core of the Argentinean cultural activities).

The sum of benefits it grants seeks to boost artistic creation in the following disciplines: architecture, scenic arts, visual arts, design, literature, audiovisual media, music, patrimony and artisanship, and art and social transformation. Said plan of encouragement consists of personal, mortgage and surety loans to cultural industries; collective or individual grants that may facilitate the improvement of cultural players benefited by them; subventions towards to fund cultural projects carried out by non-profit organizations; awards to trajectory and through contests (either of a permanent nature or those contemplated in the annual programme of activities); publishing of books according to the programming of Fondo Editorial; acquisition of works of art and handicrafts; and material or merely declaratory sponsorship, depending on each case, offered to different kinds of cultural events.

Various institutions from all over the world have adopted its innovative format and its pioneering management model. Among them, the International Fund for the Promotion of Culture of UNESCO, created in 1974.

Financial resources

Fondo Nacional de las Artes has an initial capital that grows through the “funds for the promotion of arts” and, thus, it allows for the reinvestment in today’s artists, thanks to the artists of yesterday.

These funds are constituted by the income created by the paid public domain (works belonging to public domain after their copyright expired, 70 years after the decease of the author); by any and all income that may be obtained through any kind of title (including legacy, heritage or donation) and by collections originated by penalties and specially determined resources.

In this way, Fondo Nacional de las Artes constitutes a monetary fund intended for the promotion of activities such as research, study and improvement within the various artistic and cultural disciplines.

Our authorities

The administration of the Fund is in charge of a Board consisting of a President, fourteen Vocals appointed by the Executive Power from cultural referents and artists with proven activity within the different artistic and cultural activities to which the Fund lends monetary support.

One of these Vocals represents the National Ministry of Culture and another one represents the Republic’s Central Bank.

Positions at the Board are held during four years , and they are renewed by halves every two years.

The Fund channels its relationship with the Executive Power through the National Ministry of Culture.

Benefits of the FNA

With a new and easy-to-navigate digital platform, Fondo nacional de las Artes launched in 2016 a program of benefits detailed below, for the following disciplines: Architecture, Visual Arts, Design, Patrimony and Artisanship, Audiovisual Media, Music, Literature and Scenic Arts. It has also decided to bring new value to the projects based on artistic promotion and training as tools for Social Transformation.


For artists and cultural entrepreneurs.

All FNA grants are intended for individual and collective projects of all disciplines.

Training Grants: up to $50.000.-

Call for entries closed on October the 20th.

Intended for transportation, fees, certifications or any other expense related to individual or collective training, both in the country and abroad.

Bicentenario Creation Grants: $50.000.-

Call for entries closed on July the 20th with over 5000 people enrolled.

These grants are intended to assist artists through the creative development of their work.


For artists.

1st prize: $100.000.-

2nd prize: $60.000.-

3rd prize: $40.000.-

Throughout 2016, FNA intends to carry out a total of 20 contests for artists across the country, with the goal of increasing cultural and artistic production.

During the months of June, July and August contests of Artisanship, Music and Literature took place; during August and September, those of Audiovisual Media and Visual Arts.

There are contests of Scenic Arts, Design and Architecture programmed for the first semester of next year.

For each one of these contests there will be three prizes per category. For example, in Audiovisual Media, categories are: Script, Documentary and Short Film, and each one of them will receive its three corresponding prizes.


For artists, Civil Associations, Foundations and Cultural Enterprises.

Micro-credits: up to $50.000.-

With a maximum reimbursement term of 36 monthly installments and a fixed rate of 16,5% per year.

30% of the installment/income ratio.

Personal Loans: up to $300.000.-

With a maximum reimbursement term of 60 monthly installments and a fixed rate of 16,5% per year.

30% of the installment/income ratio.

Mortgage Loans: up to $1.000.000.-

With a maximum reimbursement term of 120 monthly installments and a fixed rate of 7,5% per year.

30% of the installment/income ratio.

Fondo Nacional de las Artes offers loans to Argentinean and resident artists for the development of their creative activities. Recipients are plastic artists, musicians, writers, filmmakers, dancers, actors, scenographers, theatre directors, architects, designers and artisans, among others. Loans are granted to both non-profit organizations and private entities developing cultural and artistic activities.

Credits may be requested for a great variety of artistic goals: purchasing of musical instruments, cameras, ceramic furnaces, looms, artistic materials and resources, framing of works, computers, book publishing, musical recording, travels aimed towards artistic improvement and purchase or refurbishing of properties for workshops, among others.


For Civil Associations and Foundations.

Subventions for resources: up to $100.000.-

Subventions for investment: up to $200.000.-

Subventions for infrastructure: up to $300.000.-

These subventions are intended to support the completion of artistic projects and cultural activities.

Aimed at civil associations, friends’ associations, foundations, popular libraries, theatre and dance cooperatives (for the production of plays), cultural centres, cooperatives, syndicates, museums and any non-profit cultural associations with legal status.

These subventions may be requested for equipment expenses, completion of courses, seminars, workshops, concerts, production of plays, purchasing of books, supplies and musical instruments, among others.

All the benefits can be processed online following a very simple procedure, on our website: